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I had an experience very early this morning that was a first, and one that I will never forget. My wife's uncle passed away and I was one of 8 family members in the hospital room when he did. He was in poor health, only 30% of his heart was working and he had heart disease bad. He was a well known guy in the community though he was never married nor did he have kids.
Just seeing him take his last breath really made me think about this thing we call life. To see someone on the brink of meeting their maker was awesome while also very sad to see. I was humbled by the experience and though I did not like witnessing it, it makes me have a new perspective on life and how precious it is.
My next thoughts went quickly to his salvation and if he was saved. I knew he was not a regular church goer but felt confident that as a child, he had excepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. But I'm still not sure. That lead me to feel guilty for never finding out. I should've talked to him and gotten to know him better (though I knew him well). It was just a topic that never came up.
Never take anything for granted- find out about the people in your life. Find out if they are saved, and if not, get them there if at all possible!

If you have a few seconds today, please say a prayer for Donald. He was 77 years old and he passed at 12:38am this morning. Thanks guys and gals,,,

James 1:2-8
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