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Default I guess I am a lazy reloader...

It is a no brainer to load him up a 50 round box of 30-06s. That is what I load for myself and my boys. I have the dies for 308 Win but never bothered to load any up for my FN battle rifle. I bought a bunch of American Eagle 308 Win a long time ago and haven't shot it all up yet. I really like the 7mm-08 on paper but never shot one myself. Having to buy some 7mm bullets will mean another caliber having to be stocked for reloading. Not to mention picking up a set of dies for the 7mm-08. It will be fun working with him on his rifle no matter who buys it for him. I am pretty sure it will have Redfield 2-7 Revolution on it if I pick up the rifle for him.

Merry Christmas everyone.......

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