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Very few (any?) rifles as versatile as a quality bolt rifle in '06, not a thing wrong with that. There are some models where a S/A in .308 might feel better in hand. Little ballistic difference with Winchester, Federal & Remington loading the two within 100 FPS or less of each other in popular deer hunting weights like 150 & 165gr.

The .270, 7/08 & .280 are also excellent cartridges and I'd be tempted to consider all 5, looking for a good deal or extra nice rifle in any one of them and figuring you did well!

FWIW, both the rifles we purchased to gift to our "Wounded Warriors" on their gifted hunts have been bolt action rifles in 30/06. Last year's was a Ruger M77 Hawkeye with VX2 3-9x40 and this year's is a Winchester M70 F/W also with a VX2 3-9x40.

Good Luck!

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