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Originally Posted by Scorpion8 View Post
They make lots of "youth" models that are shorter and lighter. Try a Remington Model 7, Weatherby Vanguard YS (youth sporter), or Marlin XR-7 Youth models. All can be had in deer calibers. The Ruger American Compact is another option.
What he said. My wife experiences the same thing. It boggles my mind how some men want their wives / girlfriends to hunt with them or at least take up shooting with them, and then act frustrated and callous when the guns are too big for the women. The fact is, most guns were designed with a 6', 200 pound man in mind, and expecting a 5' 2", 110 pound woman to handle the gun the same way is ridiculous. Could any 6', 200 pound man handle a gun that was 2 feet longer and ten pounds heavier than the one they're currently using? I think not.

I bought my wife a youth model shotgun and now trap shooting is a breeze for her. I bought an appropriately-sized handgun for her and now shooting it is a breeze for her (and she finally carries the darn thing!). I can't get her into hunting, but at least she can shoot the guns she has.
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