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Just to update you all...

We picked up our two host orphan from the Phillipines on Monday and have been enjoying spending time with them. It has been an long but amazing journey. Both of them fit so well into our family and actually seemed to make it easier - more kids mean they can entertain and keep each other occupied, despite the language barrier.

Continue to pray. The goal of the program is to show these blessings what a functioning family is like and to share Jesus with them. Also continue to pray for Gods providing - we dove into debt for this out of obedience to Him. This is His plan, not mine.

As for hunting, I did manange to get out for three mornings and took a small doe - put a little meat in the freezer, and was the only shot I had. With tires that are less than ideal i was not able to use the last two opportunites because of snow. Risk was not worth the reward.

God is working!
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