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I've got a Mossberg 500 20ga that i bought for around 250 new. Bird barrel only then i found a fully rifled with mounted cantilever scope for $150 from Mossberg. Its our kids/ loaner gun and with Brennekes short field magnums it will shoot nice groups at 100 yards. This past weekend it took deer from 25 yards out. Nephew took a doe at a measured 110 yards with 6" holdover. Your asking for alot for $350 but if you jump up $100-$200 its certainly reasonable. I traded the bird barrel off btw and got 8 boxes of the Brennekes($48 or so) and a sling and swivel set, and a "butt out" deer dressin thingy($9). Be creative and you may get something for $350 or less. Lots of gun on sale now for christmas and hunting seasons winding down.
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