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this is a big part of why i do not evening bow hunt, if i was to make a bad shot or a hard to find animal, here the yotes would have it half eatin by first light. but i as well as everyone else that has spent time in the field hunting any game. i have a few that were just never found. matter fact lost one nice buck last year that was run by my neighbors dogs after i shot him. the blood i had for the first 20 yards you would had thought that deer wouldnt had any blood left in his body but still managed to still go over 300 yards to a thick wooded area that was comed for two weeks and i still never found that deer and i knowe i had lug blood. i looked for two weeks thinking i might had walked past n not seen him so i thought the yotes would had him spred around then looking for buzards and looking at the areas they were circiling. all i can say is it happins to the best of us, the experance can only make us all better in the long run but realy unfortunate of any fatily wounded lost animal no matter what !!! keep your head up and only learn for the experiance as we all have to.
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