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Another vote for the 7mm-08

I would suggest a compact/youth bolt action rifle in 7mm-08. The compact/youth rifles have a shorter length of pull in the butt stock and will feel alot more comfortable for you. The 308 is a wonderful cartridge but it will kick more than the 7mm-08 and no Deer will know the difference. Some of the manufactures shorten the barrel on their compact/youth rifles to 20 inches from 22. This will lessen the muzzle weight and make it easier for you to hold a shot picture. I have a rifle with a 18.5 inch barrel, and while it is great in the woods I wish that it was 20 inches instead of 18.5. Resist putting a large scope on your new rifle, a compact rifle should wear a compact scope. I have compact scopes and love them. A scope with 1x4, 1.5x5, or 2x7 are plenty. You see alot of scopes at the range that are 3x9, 3.5x10 all with 40mm or bigger objectives. While these make it easy to shoot nice groups from the bench they mess up the wonderful balance the rifle had prior to hanging a large scope on it. Make sure to let us know what you decide on...

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