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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
How do I respond to a soft grunt? The kind of grunt a deer gives when he's basically asking, "Who are you" or "Where are you". I hear it all the time, and I've tried giving all kinds of different calls, I've used scent, but I can't get him to come out to me. Any one have any ideas? Thanks
Unless you have actually seen the deer as you heard it grunt softly, I'd suggest that it might be a doe's vocalization you are hearing. I've heard does on several occasions making soft "contact" grunts to keep track (I believe) of their fawns in thick cover. Most all of the buck grunts I've heard were sharper and louder. I knew a buck was close by the other morning because I heard him grunt 100+ yards away in thick cover and then saw two does headed my way. He then followed the does in.

I also think that grunting to a deer that you've seen and is also very close is risky to do, especially from a tree stand. A deer has a great ability to locate direction and distance from a sound's source and one risks a buck realizing the sound came from something other then another buck when doing that. If you want to stop a moving buck that's close by for a shot opportunity, then by all means give a soft grunt. I use my mouth to make these grunts. Of course, if a buck is not already alarmed and moving away from you at some distance, a grunt can work very well in bringing him in. I have done this before, myself. I believe a buck in that situation thinks another buck is behind him or even following him and it can make him either inquisitive or aggressive.

Good Luck!
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