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Default 870 jams with Universal Ammo

I have a Remington 870, bought new in 2006. It is an 870 express. I can tell you that from my own experience that the 870 has a hard time ejecting the Winchester Universal shells which are frequently sold at Wal Mart. After some research, I found out that it the ammo that's the problem, not the gun. The cheap aluminum ammo works in some shotguns but the remington 870 doesn't like it. This is because the 870 has a slightly tighter chamber than some other shotguns and it is not a flaw in the design either as some have claimed. I tried Federal aluminum shotgun shells and they worked flawlessly. All the brass rounds worked fine with no problems. Look up Winchester Universal/ 870 and you will find loads of complaints on the internet. I wouldn't recommend doing anything to your 870 like reaming out the chamber, it may effect your warranty. Besides, if you change the ammo the gun works fine. Every law enforcement agency and the military uses the 870, and there's a reason why they do, because they work. Just because it doesn't like some of the cheaper ammo doesn't mean the gun is cheap.
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