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I tried to edit my post but it was a no go. I bought alot of the brennekes out of the same lot and they were $3 or so for 5. More you shoot the better you'll get. Ive killed over 60 deer in the last decade with my setup. Ive shot it enough to know what the slug will do at various ranges. You can clean the rifled barrel just like you can any conventional rifle. Get what you can afford and feels good. Ive got hinters in camp with smooth bores and rifle sights up to the uber guns with custom hasting barrels and $3000 price tags. They all kill deer. My setup will kill deer at mere feet in the thick stuff out to 150+ yards in open fields and ive pushed it too 190 yards BUT ive shot this gun much more then most do. We use to build deer guns from the 70's to the 90's too. We tweaked and customized them, kept a few, sold the rest. Thats back when quail guns with a bead were in 90% of the hunters hands and a 10" group at 40 yards was MOA.
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