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Man, a .270 with a 130 grainer will kill any deer just as well as ANY bullet of any caliber or any weight at any reasonable shooting distance. Read some of the late Jack O'connor's exploits with that caliber and bullet for proof of its effectiveness.
Also, there has been a "new" trend to lighter faster, more sturdily constructed bullets. It seems that bullets like the Barnes TSX will not only completely penetrate anything, but will deliver just about all of their energy into the animal while doing it.
The March issue of "Rifle" magazine has two super articles about this. In one, a gunmaker, took a 7mm STW (Shooting Times Westerner) and necked down to .25 caliber. He calls this cartridge a ".257 Hot Tamale". He loaded 100 grain Barnes TTSX bullets into this wildcat which had a muzzle velocity of 4110 feet per sec. - you read that right - 4110 FPS! He took this on a bison hunt in South Dakota and killed a 2500 pound bull with it. But here's the thing, this "Little" 100 grain bullet went right through both shoulders of the bull and dropped it in its tracks! The solid copper bullet goes right through while expanding and NOT breaking up.
I'm loading up some of these bullets for my .270 WSM and .300 WSM for next season. I'm not sure if these Barnes bullets are loaded commercially for the .270 yet, but there are several bullets out there that are available of great quality with similar performance. Hornady makes a "light Magnum" .270 Win. with a 130 grainer that has a muzzle velocity over 3200 FPS. As Jack O'Connor and Roy Weatherby would have said in their day, "Speed Kills!" and at 3,215 FPS, the 130 grain bullet in the .270 has speed to spare.

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