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the big boy's

When I was young and stupid every hunting season and I mean "every" season from my age of 13 until 18 when work was only found elsewhere. I would see and hear about at least 3 or 4 bucks a year in that range being taken out of the area I hunted. This area was no more then a 1.000 acres. It was along a large river with acres of corn fields lining the river. It was somewhat hilly with alot of funnels. The trees where a mixture of white and brown Oak, Birch, Maple, Ash, Spruce, and Beech. I never took 1 buck out of that area. It wasn't until going back years later that I was blessed with success. The hunt is the 12 pointer. You my be doing very good for your terrain. Don't give up or beet yourself up for doing what you love to do. Fish tails are called deer tails in our business. If it's to good and wasn't witnessed by you its probably not true. Have fun be safe.
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