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yup. there are a ton of high quality used rifles that a person should look at prior to spending big dollars on some of the new junk being sold out there. I am a fan of the Remington 700 Mountain rifles. The 700 action has been the backbone of the military snipers and that says enough. After Winchester cheapened up the model 70's I lost faith in them, then lately Remington has gone even worse with the models Turner stated above. I have only had 1 experience with a fairly new Ruger 77 in 270 win, and it was a disaster on the accuracy end of things. I know many here like the Ruger line up, I'm not overly impressed. Having said all this, most of today's rifles will shoot better than most average hunters are capable of. I too enjoy hunting with the old stuff, beautiful wood, reasonably accurate, sweet shooting, firearms of yesteryear. Classic firearms become more appreciated as time passes and people find out how impressively they were built. Now if I just had the money to get a 1970 GTO Judge..............
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