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As the OP only mentioned looking & thinking about two rifles, my comments were originally confined to those two models. I own a good number of rifles (feel free to look at my "Albums" and see some of them). If you want to consider additional rifle models, I'd look at the Ruger M77 (perhaps the finest scope mounting system of any rifle), the Remington Model Seven and Remington M700 on the used market.

We recently purchased a new Ruger American Compact rifle in .243 for a new hunter in our family to start out with. Decent rifle for entry level and very good accuracy as well. However, there is simply way too many synthetic parts involved in building the rifle. I am a fan of metal & wood for my rifles. Rifles made of these traditional materials have stood the test of time for many (hundreds!) years. Some of the new "entry level" rifles are only around as specific models for a couple years. Look at what Remington has produced in just the last 5 years: Model 710, Model 770 and now the Model 783. How easy do you think it will be to find another detachable magazine for a discontinued model 10 years from now when the cheap plastic construction fails?

Just a couple of thoughts to keep in mind as you consider buying a rifle to last you for many years. Buying a higher quality new or used rifle now, may well save you a lot of $$ in the long run. I routinely hunt today with rifles that are 30, 40 and even 50+ years old. Not a plastic part or stock to be found on any of them.
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