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Cruise the gunshows for used or choose entry level

Turner covered entry level scopes real well. I agree completely with his thoughts 150-200 will get you quality in a scope. Rifles are somewhat like cars in that they lose value after they are carried out the door of a gunshop. The used ones at a gunshow may have had almost no rounds fired through them. Be careful of sellers charging the same price as new for one that isn't. I am an admitted rifle snob I like quality ones and have never myself bought an entry level one. I have suggested several people buy entry level Marlins (XL7) in 30-06. At 300.xx these were not expensive but performed very well when I sighted them in. Would I choose them over a 800.xx rifle no, but they cost 300.xx. If I only had 300.xx to spend on a rifle that is what I would buy. I have handled the new Ruger American bolt rifle, it has a price point on sale around 350.xx. If I was recommending an entry level today I would have the person compare the Ruger and the Marlin side by side and pick the one that fits them the best.
HuntingMan has pointed out several times that a person can buy a 700-800 dollar rifle at a gunshow for hundreds off and it may already have a good quality scope mounted on it.

Let us know what you decide, I personally wouldn't touch the Moisin, start over with a dedicated hunting rifle...

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