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Default Rifle Help for Next Year

Currently I hunt with a Mosin Nagant (which I love). My first rifle was a winchester, which was sold after I had been out of hunting for a while. I wanted to get back in for cheap, thus the mosin, which I will be using again this year.

I'd like to get around to having a full on deer rifle though, not something that's just been modded to fit my budget like my mosin scout setup currently is so I need some suggestions. I still want a reasonable budget so here are the three options I've come up with so far.

Fully mod a mosin into a custom sporter. I could get a stock off boyds for $100, a new scope and mount, bent bolt and have a gun smith work the whole thing. I'm a fan of this idea, problem being i'm not sure if it would really turn out okay because mosin's werent designed to be hunting rifles, and therefore mods are always 50/50 on working.

Otherwise I'm debating getting a Winchester Model 70 or a Savage 10/110 trophy package (over $100 cheaper and includes the scope). Just not sure on the performance of the savage compared to the legendary reputation of a model 70.
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