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Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
That's some gorgeous country you got there onehorse. I bet that place keeps you young doesn't it? What does that mean when one refers to "breaking a horse?"
In general, that phrase means working with a horse to the point that it can be ridden. Their are two schools of thought on how this is done. The first is pretty straight foward and has been the standard for a long time. As an example: if you want to train your horse to get used to something, you bombard him with it until he accepts whatever it happens to be. That works, but can look, and possibly be, a little rough on the horse. The other school which is catching on more and more, is a slower softer approach where little steps are taken until the goal is reached. This takes more time, but the advocates say it's worth it as it is easier on the horse.
I go with the second idea.
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