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Onehorse hopefully I am covering all my basis on this horse deal.. Going in over my head is what I am trying to avoid. I am getting them from a guy Ive worked with for the last 7 yrs or so. Ive been spending alot of time on his farm to get used to horses more so and to get the 2 Im planning to buy used to me. Went and rode the 9 yr old for a couple hours this morning. She still likes to get out and run but is also a very well tempered/trained horse that will let you ride double with kids etc. She gives me no problems that I cant handle and Im still considered a rookie at this.

The filly is 2 and half years old and has been around me enough already that she allows me to do some simple stuff with her. She already shows the signs of being just like her mama. Since I dont have time to spend alot of it with her from the get go I will probably drop her off at one of my other buds house that breaks horses for a living. I will leave her there for a month or so and let him handle the basics for me.

I got my hay lined up from another farmer that ive known forever. Got me a good farrier that will do my shoe work for me. And they (horses) are going to stay on my bro-in-laws land where his wife lives who used to be a vet assistant and dealt with horses quite a bit. So any sickness problems etc. she will be able to let me know when to call the vet!

That sound like I got most of the basics covered? What am I missin?
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