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Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
Ok here what I got so far. Suppose to look at the gun when I get back. Ya'll please give me your thoughts on the deal.

Glock 40 cal, holster, 2 clips, with a 357 interchangeable barrell.


Im handgun stupid so finding out you could pruchase an interchangeable barrell was all new to me. Suppose to be in great shape. The guy that has it for sale works with my neighbor.

I was looking at a glock 17 in 9mm for $460 total with 1 clip. Thought the other deal seemed very awesome compared. Thoughts please.
I have a Glock .40 cal and absolutely love it. I also have 3 mags for it and do not keep all of them loaded as keeping them loaded weakens the springs over time. $400 is a real good deal if it's in good shape.
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