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New 12 Ga. Pump

With Turkey season on it's way we had to start looking for a shotgun for Phillip.
So last night, while shopping at Dicks sporting goods we found a great deal,
it's a New England Firearms 12 guage Pardner Pump made by Harrington and Richardson.
Nice shotgun For just under 200 bucks.
It's exactly like my Rem. 870. (except my Rem. is camo)

It Features
* An American Walnut stock with grooved fore-end
* A ventilated recoil pad.
* 28" Vented Barrel
* Up to 3" Chamber
* 5 shot Capacity (3 shot plug included)
* Bead front sight and drilled and tapped for scope base
* Screw-in Modified choke
* 48-1/8" long
* 7-1/2 Lbs.

I think this will be a good one to get started with.

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