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I sold my home

Last sunday evening after church I was setting around board not ready for bed with nothing to do,so I started surfing the realestate adds online .My wife asked what I was doing I told her I was ready to sell my house and land and move to the mountains I then showed her a nice log home on 9 acrs we have allways wanted a log house and had plans to build one on our 80 acrs in the near future.she asked if I was searous and I jokingly told her yes !thinking this was the end of it.Monday she called me at wrk and said she had our house sold !Ithought it was a joke until a man called me tuesday asking about the wife went home from El Paso on wednsday,signd the contract with the man on thursday I drove in on friday made an offer on the log home saterday and they excepted it ! Man things ure move fast ! the home is surounded on 2 sides by 1.5million acr national forrest on the outher by a verry large creek neseled between 2 mountains verry remote 30 miles from nearest big town 17 miles from small comunity (2 gas stations,1 grocerie store,and a feed store not sure if they even have a post office ) I think I'm going to love it ! losing 80 acrs to gain 1.5 million and only having to take care of about 9 acrs can't wait to get moved.

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