Florida Deer Hunting

January 26, 2010

Oranges, sunshine, beaches, hurricanes, space flights and Disney World is usually what one thinks of when the state of Florida is mentioned. Though one doesn’t think of deer hunting immediately when Florida is thought of, we are happy to report, it is doing very well. In the 1600’s deer were abundant, but in the 1700’s […]

Alaska Bear Hunting

July 19, 2008

Hunters who have never gone on a hunting expedition in Alaska will be amazed at the huge expanse. Alaska has over 365 million acres of hunting area and is home to some of the most beautiful pristine wilderness area easily accessible to hunters in the United States. The hunting area is roughly equivalent to one […]

Oklahoma Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

In the early 1900’s you were lucky to see a deer in Oklahoma. Harvest was unregulated and deer meat was eaten like fast food burgers are today. In 1917 the deer numbers dropped to only 500 animals and deer hunting was banned; but in 1943 wildlife resource agencies began trapping and transplanting. Their efforts have […]

Wisconsin Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

Most folks know Wisconsin for cheese and the Green Bay packers.  Deer Hunting is also a great sporting activity in this state.  Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resource estimates that hunters, photographers, etc., pump over a billion dollars a year into the economy of their state, and supports thousands of full time and part time jobs. […]

Tennessee Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

Tennessee deer hunting has come a long way in the past 100 years. After massive unchecked and unregulated hunting for hundreds of years, the total deer population in Tennessee was estimated at a lowly 2000 in the early 1900’s. Through aggressive breeding, trapping and relocation efforts by wildlife resource agencies and even the US Navy, […]

Texas Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

Deer hunting in the state of Texas offers a good number of options. There are good herds of both white tail and mule deer here. The white-tail deer herds in Texas have steadily increased in most areas, while the mule deer have seen a downward trend in population since 1978. This has caused a bit […]

Ohio Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

Whitetail deer hunting Ohio is booming these days. Record breaking harvests and record breaking trophy bucks seem to be a very common occurrence in this state. The 2006 season saw a record 237,000+ deers taken. One very notable trophy buck was a 291 2/8, taken in Adams County by John Schmucker with a crossbow. In […]

Missouri Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

Many restrictions have been placed upon Missouri deer hunters throughout the years. Deer hunting was limited to certain counties, buck only or any-deer, and sometimes the whole season only lasted a day or two, if there was one. 1959 was the first year the use of firearms, during deer hunting season, was permitted for the […]

Michigan Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

Great Lakes, check, Mackinac Bridge, check, automobile capital(Detroit), check, but let’s not forget deer hunting, double check. Michigan has faced many difficulties surrounding deer management and differing strategies concerning them, but practice and patience have paid off and the deer population reflects it. Settlement and unregulated hunting forced deer northward in the early 1800’s, to […]

Kansas Deer Hunting

November 7, 2007

Today, Kansas is an excellent state for both whitetail and mule deer hunting. As with many other popular deer hunting states, Kansas was once home to an abundance of big game animals, including bison, deer, antelope and elk. Due to irresponsible land management practices and the usual over-hunting, big game was largely exterminated by the […]

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