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Deer Hunting Regions

We've compiled info pages on some of the more popular deer hunting regions below. Each state article has some interesting deer hunting history. In each state you will find information on the current deer population, the Boone and Crockett typical and non-typical records, as well as popular public hunting areas. Do you hunt in one of these states? Know of an interesting fact or information that should be included here? Send us an email or introduce yourself in our deer hunting forums. We would love to hear from you!

Team DHC Members

Team DHC is made up of experienced deer hunters from various walks of life. We have members from states as far north as Vermont and as far south as Tennessee. Team DHC is an area where hunters that are willing have shared some of the deer hunting tips and hunting experiences they have picked up over the years. If you're an experienced deer hunter that loves to write and share his experiences with other hunters world wide we have a spot available to you as a guest contributor to DeerHuntersClub. Email us to find out additional information.

Team DHC Articles

Black Powder Firearm Cleaning
The cleaning of black powder firearms has evolved much like the guns themselves have. When true black powder is used the general cleaning system is to heat up some water add a little soap, swab the barrel and scrub the parts until everything was clean.

Trail Cameras
Trail cameras, or trail cams, have become a major necessity in the hunting world today. Trail cams allow you to monitor your land or lease without disturbing deer or other wildlife.

Taxidermy Tips
During almost thirty years as a professional taxidermist, I mounted hundreds of trophy animals for hunters who were either very skilled, or just plain lucky, or both. One thing that most of them had in common, regardless of how they got their trophy, was a failure to plan...